All Works Of Life – UK commonly known by the acronym AWOL- UK is a charitable organisation with its membership drawn from among Sierra Leoneans from various callings of life such as lawyers, nurses, drivers, entrepreneurs, accountants, retail operatives, students, etc. who share common aspirations to genuinely and selflessly contribute to the development of Sierra Leone.




AWOL-UK was founded in 2009 by a group of hardworking and development-oriented Sierra Leoneans with the aim to contribute to community development through charitable activities and the sustenance of peace after our country Sierra Leone was ravaged by a decade-long civil war. Mr Thomas Komeh and Mr Alfred Parker were appointed to act as the organisation’s chairman and Secretary General respectively. The organisation was formally launched at the River of Life London in 2010 after been endorsed as the first chapter of AWOL in the diaspora. The godfather – Mr Moseray Fadika, the then Chairman – Hon. Chernor Bah, the current Global Chairman – Mr Anthony Navo were in attendance.



Annual Achievement Awards


The Annual Achievement Award is hosted annually by the organisation to recognise and appraise the diverse efforts of hardworking and selfless Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone including organisations that have contributed and/or still contributing to the development of our beloved Sierra Leone.


The first Annual Achievement Award event was hosted by the organisation at the prestigious Lighthouse Complex Camberwell in London in June 2011 with up to sixteen awards presented to deserving individuals. Amongst these awards include: Charity of the Year, Supportive Sierra Leonean of the Year, Cab Driver of the Year, Student of the Year, Sport Personality of the Year, Statesman of the Year and Inspirational Award, etc.


The selection criteria for such awards are conducted in the most transparent and credible manner to ensure that only those deserving individuals are awarded. Like AWOL-SL, AWOL-UK believes recognising and appraising the efforts of individuals and organisations is a way to encourage other individuals and organisations to participate in the development of our nation.




To compliment the effort of government in nation building and to implement sustainable community development programs.


Aims and objectives


Our aims and objectives are as follows:

  • To embark on community development projects independently or in collaboration with other Charitable Organizations;

  • Searching for and creating innovative solutions to support the less fortunate and socially deprived groups (homeless, orphan, disabled, poor, etc.);

  • To work in collaboration with other groups, associations, societies, voluntary agencies or charitable organizations with similar or related objectives;

  • Raise funds for the achievement of the purpose of the association through members’ contributions, donations, written appeals, fundraising activities and any other means;

  • Do all such other lawful things, as the association considers necessary or desirable in order to further the objects of the association. 




I can't tell you how excited and honoured I am to be given the opportunity to serve this noble organisation.  I am truly humbled to serve as chairman of AWOL UK and it's a privilege to be part of such a unique family. 


AWOL is a global brand with our parent body in Sierra Leone and other chapters in Australia, USA, Holland and Canada, all with one aim and key priority which is to give back to society more especially the less privileged. I have learned so much from being a member of AWOL, much more than I had ever imagined when I first joined.


I have learned that AWOL share a common mission, to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people within our communities particularly the less fortunate.  I have learned that AWOL UK has a common proposition, that value and a better future can be created if the people we serve benefit first. I have learned that despite the incredible challenges in our communities and in the environments in which we operate AWOL UK is perfectly position to face those challenges. I have learned that we are so fortunate to have an outstanding first-rate membership. I have learned a lot during my AWOL journey; an inconceivably rewarding journey indeed.


We have done well and it is upon us to inform our communities about the facts and the progress AWOL has made.  We have a proven track record of delivering and contributing positively to society but we have so much more to do.  We will build on our progress and be bold and courageous to tackle the challenges our beneficiaries face.  It is an incredibly challenging time but I am aware of the challenges ahead and quite confident with the support of the entire membership we are on track in achieving great result.


As we look forward, we are absolutely committed to advancing our key priority to make a difference to the people we serve. To continue to succeed and exceed expectations we have to make sure that our policies are developed to encourage long-term projects that will benefit our communities.  It is important that we do all of these things and much, much more.  We can keep doing very well in delivering one-off projects like our award shows and donations the less fortunate but we must also start working on long-term projects that will make real lasting difference to our people. 



Let me close with some important thoughts.  


First, I want to thank the entire AWOL membership in advance for your support and engagement over the coming year. I am really grateful for your hard work and genuine intension of making a difference in our society all in the quest of aiding the less fortunate; I thank you. Together we can do great things and we must do great things for AWOL and our people; failure is not an option.  


To our valued customers, friends of Sierra Leone and sponsors for your unflinching support and believing in us we can't thank you enough; we will forever be indebted to you all.


Most importantly, I want to close by thanking my predecessor Mr Mezo Turay for his leadership.  He has been and I have seen it first-hand, a strong, tireless, collaborative and passionate leader.  He has provided us with an insightful vision for the future and has helped us navigate some difficult challenges during the past years.


I am incredibly excited.  It is hard for me to believe that I am at the centre of our drive for future success but I really do look forward over the coming years to work closely with my team but also the other AWOL chapters around the world as we really strive to continue making a difference in people's lives.


My last thought is that the AWOL members, our communities here in the UK, and most importantly all our beneficiaries that we seek to serve are counting on us so let us continue the good job.


Thank you very much; God bless you all and God bless AWOL.



Mohamed S. Jalloh

Vice Chairman

Mariama Bundu-Sankoh


Alfred Parker Jr.

Former Chairman

Mezo Turay

Former Chairman

Haja Sesay

Head of Communications

Adams Bangura

Former Vice Chairman

Ibrahim A. Kamara

Former Sec General

Alpha U. S. Jalloh

Sec General

Kemzo Blair

Ass. Sec General

Alhaji Gibril Sankoh

Organising Secretary

Marie Lahai

Ass Org Secretary

Salieu Sankoh

Head of Welfare & Deciplinary committee

Zainab Marrah

Fin Secretary

Ishmail Melo



Sahid Jalloh

Former Fin Secretary

Mohamed P. Kabia

Former PRO

Abdul Yarjan

Chief Whip

Mrs Marie George


Mohamed Conteh

Auditor General

Kelfala Kamara


Adama Rugiatu Turay

Welfare Team

Ms. Aminata Samura

Welfare Team

Idriss Kargbo


Abdul Fata Bangura

Former Auditor

Zainab  Marrah


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