Since its inception in 2010 AWOL-UK has undertaken and/or participated in various charitable activities. Among these activities include the following: AWOL-UK is part of the project for the construction of a community school in Gondama Town, Tikonko Chiefdom, Bo District in Southern Sierra Leone. It is important to mention that AWOL aims to fund the Gondama School project squarely. Many perceived Gondama Town and its environs as abandoned and neglected communities that once hosted refugees from Liberia and internally displaced persons. This proposed project is the first in the history of Sierra Leone for a local charity to undertake such a project.


Celebrating the Day of the African Child on the 16th day of June every year has been a routine exercise for AWOL as a charity. Every year the organisation celebrates this international event by distributing food and school items to children nationwide. During one of these celebrations, some members of the organisation made a surprised visit to Gondama to distribute food and school items to the school children of the town. To the utmost shock of the visiting team, the school children were housed in the local mosque as a makeshift school where children have to give way for prayers during prayer times. The team was saddened by what they witnessed and the generous and selfless desire to erect a school for the people of the town was born.



In 2013, AWOL-UK contributed millions of Leones to the refurbishment of the Safinatu Primary School, Wellington, Freetown Sierra Leone. Building materials such as zinc, boards, metal rods, etc were donated to the school administration by representatives of AWOL-SL Miss Yabome Lansana and our abled Organising Secretary Mr Mohamed Jalloh. 


Between August and September 2014 AWOL-UK made a rallying call to all Sierra Leoneans in the UK to make a donation of items and equipment needed to prevent and eradicate the Ebola virus disease. The organisation received few donations of items such as Dettol, surgical gloves, sanitizers, hand wash liquid etc. The organisation also purchased items such as gloves, aprons, overalls, plastic glasses, etc to contribute towards the epidemic. These items have been sea-freighted to Sierra Leone by Marie Sinneh Shipping Limited at no cost.

To further compliment the efforts of the government of Sierra Leone during the lock-down exercise of the Western Area of the country as a measure to control the spread of Ebola virus disease, AWOL donated cooking oil, maggi, salt, imported rice, water and onions. The donation targeted mainly quarantined households, disabled and deprived communities across the country. Representatives of the twelve districts distributed the items to their respective communities. 

All Works Of Life – UK commonly known by the acronym AWOL- UK is a charitable organisation with its membership drawn from among Sierra Leoneans from various callings of life such as lawyers, nurses, drivers, entrepreneurs, accountants, retail operatives, students, etc. who share common aspirations to genuinely and selflessly contribute to the development of Sierra Leone.


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